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News for Company Members 2024

 May 1st - Members Newsletter  Service charge demands, Directors needed, lighting, recoating and engineering work.

 April 1st - Members Newsletter  Current Works Update, Company News,  CPMCL Directers Needed.

 March 16th - A revised Conveyancing Guide has been published.  Find it on our Documents page...

 March 4th - Members Newsletter  Major Works Reminder, Eaves Property Management, CPMCL Board Members needed.

 January 24th - Members Newsletter  Major Works for 2024, Essential Engineering in Tech Rooms.

CPMCL News 2023

 Oct 27th - Members Newsletter  AGM Questions, Defibrillator, Trampoline.

 Sept 11th - Members Newsletter  AGM - Director Vacancies, Centre Jet Repaired.

 August 4th - Members Newsletter  HML Portal Failure, Hosepipe Ban, ASB.

 June 30th - Members Newsletter  Hosepipe Ban, Safety Matters, Join board.

 June 15th - Members Newsletter  Vacuuming, Annual Service Charge

 May 25th - Members Newsletter  Vacuuming, Anemometers, Insurance

 April 26th - Members Newsletter   Annual Service Charge, Soak Test

 March 10th - Members Newsletter   Vandalism, Vacuuming, HML Portal 

CPMCL News 2022

 November 3rd - Members Newsletter   Soak Test Result, AGM Report 

 October 12th - Members Newsletter   AGM, Utilities, Communications

 September 9th - Members Newsletter   Board Members Needed, HML Portal

 August 1st - Members Newsletter   Unsociable Behaviour, Private Property?

 July 1st - Members Newsletter   Vandalism, Safety, Members Questions.

 May 9th - Members Newsletter   Annual Service Charge, Michael Steel.

 April 14th - Members Newsletter   Annual Service Charge, Maintenance.

 January 21st - Members Newsletter   Lighting, damage, reserve fund.

CPMCL News 2021

 December 1st - Members Newsletter   AGM Report, Then and Now.

 November 1st - Members Newsletter   AGM Voting, Path Lights and Pump.

 September 23rd - Members Newsletter   AGM Announcement, Soak test.

 September 1st - Members Newsletter   Move to electronic communication.

 August 11th - Members Newsletter   New owners, Maintenance contract, H&S.

 July 14th - Members Newsletter   WF plan, Timers, Damage & vandalism.

 June 11th - Members Newsletter   Faults, 'Greening', Notices, Service charge.

 May 6th - Members Newsletter   Coping Stones, Director's Resignation.

 March 22nd - Members Newsletter   Soak Test - New Directors - Annual Budget.

 March 1st - Members Newsletter  Letter to Members.

CPMCL News 2020

 Oct 24th - Members Newsletter  AGM - Team Meetings - Soak Test.

 Sep 20th - Special Members Bulletin  Annual General Meeting.

 Sep 5th - Members Bulletin   Maintanance - Fault Reporting - AGM Voting.

 Aug 17th - Members Bulletin   Director Leaving - Debts - Anti-Social Behaviour.

 July 20th - Members Bulletin   Wind Sensors - AGM - Algae Bloom.

 July 16th - Directors' Annual Report 2019-20 published  

 June 19th - Special Members Bulletin  - Are you due a refund?

 May 30th - Members Bulletin  - Annual Service Charge -  AGM - Maintenance.

 April 21st - Members Bulletin  - Annual Service Charge -  AGM - Lock-down.

 March 30th - Members Bulletin  - Engineer sought - Service Charge - Arrears.

 March 17th - Members Bulletin  - Coronavirus- local contacts.

 Feb Members Bulletin  - Anemometer - meter readings - emails

 Jan Members Bulletin  - New directors - Memorandum & Articles of Association.