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Columbus Point (Management Company) Limited (CPMCL) is a private company, limited by guarantee, with no share capital. It was set up in 2001 by the original developer to oversee the management of the water feature and to collect payments for the feature's upkeep from over 350 covenanted local property owners. The local property owners are also members of the company CPMCL by virtue of their covenant. For further information about CPMCL, including its Memorandum & Articles of Association, please contact CPMCL's appointed Company Secretariat, HML Group. Contacts...

CPMCL and the Water Feature Handed Over to Residents. CPMCL should have been handed over to the property owners' control when the last property on the development was sold; for various reasons that did not happen and it remained in the hands of the developer. It was not until  March 2015 that CPMCL, and thus the management of the water feature, was transferred from the developer to the local property owners; at the same time the freehold of the feature was transferred to CPMCL.

Property Management Agents. The management agents are appointed by CPMCL and their role is to oversee the feature's maintenance and to invoice and collect the monies from the local property owners for the feature's upkeep. They also act as the CPMCL Company Secretariat. Before the handover to residents' control, the then directors of CPMCL appointed the company Fell Reynolds as managing agents. This arrangement continued until September 2018 when the HML Group were appointed managing agents for the feature. Contacts...

Company Directors

Directors. As the handover of the water feature to residents' control moved towards completion, four local property owners who had been negotiating with the developer, acted as interim directors of CPMCL until the first CPMCL AGM in June 2015, when their appointment as directors was ratified.

Current Directors: The CPMCL Memorandum and Articles of Association allow for seven member directors. The current directors are; Jean Addington, Christine Allan,  Philip Hunt, Colin Lockett and Michael Steel.